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A Preview of the Video Installation for TIME SPACE EXISTENCE, GAA Foundation: Palazzo Mora, Venice Biennale 2018.

Featuring The Swartberg House in the Karoo town of Prince Albert, South Africa.

Architect: Jennifer Beningfield of Openstudio Architects.

Filmmaker: Tatjana Meirelles.


This installation was presented in Venice for the duration of the Biennale di Architeturra 2018. The installation consisted of five ten-minute films, each on a separate screen in a blackened room at the Palazzo Mora.


The five films are experienced concurrently as a whole; with each screen following the daily transition of light: from sunrise to sunset and back again, on a ten-minute loop. 


As a holiday home, the Swartberg House is empty most of the year and only comes 'alive' when people enter the spaces and activate the various aspects of the home. Thus at any given time, only one of the screens has a person in it, while the other screens hold quiet contemplations of the view and the light changing with the passing of time, from dawn to dusk and into night. The soundtrack is the natural audio of the Karoo, recorded on location.

Installation views from different times of day are featured below. To view the full 10-minute installation video, click on the link below..

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